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It should come as no surprise that contemporary houses are incredibly popular. They combine traditional and modern sensibilities to provide occupants with the best of both worlds. If you want a house that offers a sense of warmth both indoors and outdoors without sacrificing modern features and amenities, the contemporary house designers and architects at Symetrie Design Group can help you find the perfect solution.

Characteristics and Benefits

Our contemporary designers in Melbourne can assist in designing a house that includes a number of contemporary characteristics. Aesthetically, contemporary homes can be constructed using stone, brick, wood and other materials. They also often feature simple lines, asymmetrical shapes and large windows. Additionally, the roof is often flat or shallow pitched without embellishments.

Functionally, the large windows allow maximum natural light to sweep through the property. This has the added benefit of reducing energy expenses and improving energy efficiency. Our contemporary architects in Melbourne also often incorporate open floor plans for our contemporary homes in order to create more communal areas. It’s common for the living room, dining room and kitchen to be one single area rather than three segmented areas.

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