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Modern House Designs

Modern House Designers in Melbourne

Unsurprisingly, modern homes are extremely popular these days. They incorporate modern tastes and sensibilities, integrate new technologies, and push the envelope in terms of their innovative appearance. At Symetrie Design Group, our modern house designers in Melbourne can provide assistance for clients who are interested in formulating and constructing houses inspired by modern residential architecture.

Characteristics of Modern Houses

There are several different characteristics that can be found in modern residential architecture deigns. Aesthetically, they tend to feature a significant amount of glass and steel as well as stylish curves and contours. Modern Australian houses also integrate more seamlessly with the surrounding outdoor areas, blending the natural and the artificial in clever and unexpected ways.

Functionally, a modern house tends to have open floor plans and large open spaces. This makes the home feel more communal rather than segmented, which has the added benefit of reducing energy expenses and minimising costs. The prominence of glass also allows abundant natural light to sweep through. Ultimately, when designing a Modern Australian home, our modern house designers in Melbourne will endeavour to maximise functionality and comfort.

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