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When it comes to residential properties, the city of Melbourne features a wide range of architectural styles. You’ll find examples of Victorian architecture, Georgian architecture, and many more. This repository of architectural styles for residential properties makes Melbourne a vibrant and colourful location, conveying incredible creativity and individuality.

At Symetrie Design Group, we’re proud to have a team of residential house designers and residential architects in Melbourne who can provide professional assistance for new home designs. Our residential architect specialists take space and form into consideration when providing suggestions and recommendations for your residential building project. Whether you want minimalistic modern designs or elaborate avant-garde designs, our architects and interior designers in Melbourne for residential homes can bring your ideas to life.

Additional Services

In addition to being the best residential architects in Melbourne, the highly trained and experienced staff at Symetrie Design Group can provide numerous other services. We offer commercial and retail service, interior design, landscape design, and a range of management services, including feasibility studies, town planning and building permits.

The friendly team at Symetrie Design Group are fully capable of meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. Contact our residential house designers in Melbourne today to learn more about how we can help. Call us on (03) 9078 3488 or message us online to receive a prompt reply.

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